City Licenses

Business License


  • A business license is required for any person, firm or corporation wishing to engage in any business or occupation within The City of Truesdale who has not already applied for and obtained a license to conduct such business or occupation from the City Clerk and payed the licensing fee.

  • Each applicant for a business license shall submit a statement from the Missouri Department of Revenue pursuant to Section 144.083.4, RSMo, stating that no tax is due. Said statement is a prerequisite to the issuance or renewal of a city business license. The statement required by this section shall be dated within ninety (90) days of submission of the business application or renewal application.

  • No license shall be issued by the City Clerk to any person until such person produces a copy of a certificate of insurance for worker’s compensation coverage if the applicant for the license is required to cover his/her liability under Chapter 287, RSMo. It is further made a violation of this said section to provide fraudulent information to the department.

  • The cost of a business license is $25.00 per calendar year and the term of the license issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall be from January first (1) to December thirty-first (31) of the same year.

  • Each license issued by the City, under the provisions issued by the City, shall be carefully preserved and shall be displayed in a conspicuous place in the place of business authorized by said license.

  • When a new business license is requested, the applicant is asked to attend a Board of Aldermen meeting, at which time the applicant can provide details to the board and receive the approval for the business license. After the initial approval, the renewal notice for the next year’s license is sent in October and is due by the 31st of December.

Peddlers & Solicitors


The form, “Peddlers’ License Application,” is available from the right column of this page. Please print, complete and return the form to Truesdale City Hall.

No person shall act as a peddler or as a solicitor within The City of Truesdale without first obtaining a license. The fee for the issuance of each license shall be as follows.

1. For a peddler acting on behalf of a merchant otherwise licensed to do business within the City: No Fee.

2. For a peddler acting on behalf of a merchant not otherwise licensed to do business within the City: A fee of five dollars ($5.00) per day.

3. For a solicitor, including a commercial solicitor advertising an event, activity, goods or service for purchase at a location away from the residence: No Fee.

4. For a canvasser requesting a permit: No Fee.

Additional information is available in the ordinances, or contact Truesdale City Hall at 636-456-3166.



The owner or keeper of any dog or cat in the City of Truesdale is required to have such animal vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian and to procure a certificate of such vaccination from the veterinarian and to present such certificate to the City Clerk upon obtaining same. The City Clerk shall register such certificate and the registration shall remain in force until the expiration of the tag at which time the rabies tag must be renewed. Upon registration, the city will issue a tag with a certificate number, and the owner or keeper shall securely attach the tag so issued to a collar to be worn continuously by the animal for which the tag was issued.

An application to license your pet is available from the right column of this page. Please print, complete and return to the City Clerk’s office at Truesdale City Hall.

For more information on pets in The City of Truesdale, please see Animal Control on this website.