About Us

Mayor Chris Watson

  •  Since 07/10/2017, served on the Board of Aldermen from 04/13/2016 to 07/10/2017

President of the Board: Alderman Robert Green

  • Since 02/08/2017, Alderman Green became President of the Board of Aldermen on 00/00/0000

Alderman Stanley Brookshier

  •   Since 06/13/2012, Alderman Brookshier attends the Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the City of Truesdale. 

Alderman Mike Thomas

  •   Since 07/12/2017

Alderman Jerry Cannon

  • Since 04/10/2019, Alderman Cannon attends the Missouri University Extension Council on behalf of the City of Truesdale. .

   The Board of Aldermen meetings are held at city hall, on the second and the fourth Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm