Industrial & Commercial Utilities Service

Truesdale Water & Sewer
—Industrial & Commercial

New Industrial Accounts

Because sewage treatment is handled by The City of Warrenton Treatment Facility, all industrial users are required by The City of Warrenton to complete a questionnaire prior to approval of a sewer connection. Please print the form “Industrial User Questionnaire,” linked in the right column of this page, fill it out completely, and return it to Truesdale City Hall. We will forward it to The City of Warrenton for their approval. The break-down of fees between the two cities can be seen in the rates tables below.

New Commercial (Business) Accounts

All new users must open a new account, even if utilities are already turned on at the location. Please print and complete the “Request for New Service” form, linked in the right column of this page, and return it to Truesdale City Hall along with a security deposit of $200.00 and a current copy of the business owner’s drivers license or photo ID. Deposit is refundable upon moving out of The City of Truesdale, providing any and all remaining balances have been paid in full..

Industrial & Commercial Fees – New Sewer Connections:
Size of Line Truesdale Fee Warrenton Fee Total Fee
6 inch (minimum size) $1,500 $4,000 $5,500
6 inch multi-unit $1,500 $6,000 $7,500
8 inch $1,800 $8,000 $9,800

*Line Above 8 inches in size must be pre-approved by The Truesdale Board of Aldermen.

Industrial & Commercial Fees – New Water Connections (To tap onto the water system):
1 inch or less water service line $750
1 1/2 inch water service line $1,200
2 inch water service line $1,425
3 inch water service line $1,650
4 inch water service line $2,400

*Lines larger than 4 inches require pre-approval by the Truesdale Board of Aldermen.

Meter size of 5/8 to 1 inch is supplied with the service. Any meter larger than 1 inch must be provided by the customer and must be pre-approved by the city to be sure it is compatible with our meter reading system.

Usage Rates for Industrial and Commercial Accounts:

(NOTE: Industrial accounts may necessitate a higher usage rate contingent upon quantity of water used, what is to be placed into the sewer system, and what, if any, special treatment will be required for sewage.)

Minimum – 1,000 gallons $9.03
Each 1,000 gallons thereafter $4.01 per 1,000 gallons
Minimum – 1,000 gallons $25.82 (Warrenton: $22.60 & Truesdale: $3.22)
Each 1,000 gallons thereafter $7.58 per 1,000 gallons