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City Administrator / City Clerk, MaryLou RainwaterCity of Truesdale City Administrator / City Clerk

Ms. MaryLou Rainwater

As City Administrator / City Clerk, I want to welcome you to this website and to the City of Truesdale. Truesdale is a small 4th class city, located in Warren County. We are here to provide service and information that you may need concerning the City of Truesdale and the surrounding area.

My position is very diverse and each day my schedule is different. I am a Missouri Registered City Clerk. Among my responsibilities is the issuance of business licenses, working with the building inspector on building permits, attending board meetings and being the designated custodian of the city’s records. The part of the City’s mission statement that I repeat daily is “What is best for the City of Truesdale.” This statement is my guide as I perform my job.

We have two full time office staff: Elsa Smith-Fernandez (see below) is the utility clerk and receptionist. She is available to get your utility account set up and can answer many other questions you may have. I, as City Clerk, attend various meetings at the request of the Mayor and the Board of Alderman to obtain the latest information from organizations that keep the city up-to-date on valuable information concerning the area.

Esther Smith is the City’s treasurer. She is very conscientious and meticulous with the City’s funds. The City publishes a 6-month fiscal report in the Warren County Record in January and July of each year. The City has a CPA-audit completed at the end of each fiscal year and the Board reviews any suggested recommendations.

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen work together to keep the City operating for today and looking forward to the needs of the future.

Working at City Hall is not just a job to us in the office. We all live within the City of Truesdale and as so, it is our home. We care about the city and its citizens.

Please let me know if we can assist you in any way.

Marylou Rainwater
Truesdale City Administrator / City Clerk
Missouri Registered City Clerk
Phone: 636-456-3166

Utility Clerk & Receptionist, Elsa Smith-FernandezDeputy Clerk &

Ms. Elsa Smith-Fernandez
Phone: 636-456-3166